Kythnos island Greece. A complete guide for Kythnos Island in Greece

Kythnos Island is a typical Greek island in the Aegean Sea and is situated in the Western Cyclades. Along with Kea Island (Tzia) it is the closest of the islands to Athens, from the Ports of Piraeus and the port of Lavrio. This makes Kythnos Island ideal for weekend getaways throughout the year. Kythnos Island is also known as Thermia because of its well-known hot springs, it has beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches and can offer the traveller an unforgettable holiday.

Kythnos Island Greece. A complete travel guide for Kythnos Island in Greece

Among the many interesting sights on Kythnos Island you will have the opportunity to visit the Church of Panagia Kanala (Church of Virgin Mary) which has been sung about in a Greek song. It is a very important place of pilgrimage on Kythnos Island as is the Church of Panagia Evangelistria (Church of Virgin Mary’s Annunciation) on Tinos Island, the Church of Panagia Ekantontapiliani (Church of a Hundred Doors) on Paros Island and the Monastery of Saint John the Theologian on Patmos Island.

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Kythnos Island Holidays

When I chose Kythnos Island for my holiday for the first time, I remember that the important factor was the short distance and ease of access. In those years there were no fast ferries in the Aegean Sea and Kythnos more

Kythnos Island Beaches - A Complete Guide

Although Kythnos Island is not one of the most popular destinations in the Cyclades (unfairly so in my opinion), it is a fairly large island with many bays and small coves which form excellent beaches. The beaches in Kythnos Island are wonderful more

Church of Panagia Kanala - Kythnos Island Sightseeing

The Church of Panagia Kanala (Church of the Virgin Mary) which has given its name to the coastal village of Kythnos Island, situated in the southeastern part of the island and is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in the more

Kythnos Island Chora & Villages

There are several villages on Kythnos Island. The most important are Chora of Kythnos, which is the Capital town and Dryopida village, which are both situated inland of the island, Merihas village which is the Port of Kythnos more

Kythnos Island Chora (Kythnos Town)

Chora of Kythnos is the capital of Kythnos Island and situated as all the capitals of the Cyclades at the highest point of the island. Chora of Kythnos is a traditional Cycladic village where its architecture is preserved and has all more

Kythnos Island Hot Springs

Greece has many hot springs but not in the Cyclades. The hot springs of Kythnos Island are unique. Due to the existence of these springs the name «Thermia» was given to Kythnos Island and was known as such to locals and foreigners for more

Kythnos Island Local Produce

In Kythnos island you will find several local traditional products. With the famous Cycladic aroma and the delicious delicacy. Kythnos island was known in antiquity for its wine and honey. The same products are still unique more

Kythnos Island Honey

Honey of Kythnos has been known since antiquity. The reputation of honey from Kythnos is due to its aromatic plants. Especially the thyme of Kythnos offers a unique taste and aroma Thyme Honey. Thyme Honey "Driopis", a more

Kythnos Island Entertainment

Where to Find the best places for Entertainment in Kythnos Island. The truth is that Kythnos Island does not offer frantic summer fun and this is good. Very good! Because going for holidays to Kythnos Island you are not forced to more

Kythnos Island History

Kythnos Island has an ancient history which is marked by the prehistoric settlements found on the island. The short distance from Attica and Argolis, made the island an ideal station for travel to and from the other islands of the Cyclades. The population that spread out from the mainland of Greece to Kythnos Island is more